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MAS 2021 / 22

Chiarore2 - T1 - MASDFAB 2022 - ETHZ -Andrea-Gabriele-Chen.png

Chiarore - Andrea Mendoza, Gabriele Mattei, Che Wei Lin

Robotic Extrusions - The 5-week mini-project of the MAS dfab 21-22 focuses on material properties of 3D printing with PLA extrusion.. The students learn and develop fabrication-aware design strategies to explore the plasticity and deposition aspects of this fabrication technique. Topics such as robotic controls with UR scripts and Arduino are introduced in this project..


The 17 students are divided into 6 groups, develop computational design methods, and fabricate 1:1 prototypes, using a custom robotic polymer extrusion setup. Through an iterative process of designing and 3D printing the aim is to develop smart, innovative, and integrated facade components.

Tutors: Petrus Aejmelaeus-Lindström, Victor Leung,  Remy Clemente, Ko Tsuruta

Final critique : 21st December 2021

Chiarore - T1 - MASDFAB 2022 - ETHZ -Andrea-Gabriele-Chen.png

Chiarore -Andrea Mendoza,Gabriele Mattei, Che Wei Lin

Erratic - T1 - MASDFAB 2022 - ETHZ - Erika-Katerina-Muslima.png

Erratic - Erika Marthins, Katarina Toumpektsi, Muslima Rafikova

The Flow :Artemis Maneka, Weiting Chen. Photo Credits : Lian Staehlin

Fluid Planarity - T1 - MASDFAB 2022 - ETHZ -El Mehdi - Joaquin .png

Fluid Planarity - Joaquin Tobar Martinez, El Mehdi Belyasmine

Spatial Arches - T1 - MASDFAB 2022 - ETHZ - Ananya - Vincent - Wenjun .png

Spatial Arches - Ananya Kango, Wenjun Liu, Vincent Woernd

Dual Flexibility Printing - T1 - MASDFAB 2022 - ETHZ - Chris - Jingwen - Ming-Yang.png

Dual Flexibility Printing - Chris Norcross, Jingwen Wang, Ming Yang Wang

Bridging Timber - T1 - Vasilis Aloutsandis-Nickolas Maslarinos - Hanbing Zhao.png

Bridging Timber - Vasilis Aloutsandis, Nickolas Maslarinos,Hanbing Zhao

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