MAS 2020 / 21

3D printed facade - The 5-week mini-project of the MAS dfab 20-21 focuses on 3D printing facades. The students learn and develop fabrication-aware design strategies for additively manufactured facades. Topics like structural integrity or active shading are explored alongside aspects of breathability and thermal insulation.


The 16 students are divided into 8 groups, develop computational design methods, and fabricate 1:1 prototypes, using a custom robotic polymer extrusion setup. Through an iterative process of designing and 3D printing the aim is to develop smart, innovative, and integrated facade components.

Tutors: Petrus Aejmelaeus-Lindström, Ina Cheibas, Matthias Leschok, Remy Clemente, Valeria Piccioni, Ioanna Mitropoulou

Final critique : 17th December 2021

Visiting reviewers : Roland Snooks RMIT, Arno Schlüter ETH Z

More images will be posted after our final review ...