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Nizar Taha

Nizar Taha is an Architect and Researcher. Following his interest, and after years of receiving his bachelor degree in Architecture from the German Jordanian University, he pursued a Master of advanced studies in architecture and digital fabrication at ETH Zürich. Under the chair of Digital Building Technologies and Gramazio Kohler Research.

Prior to joining the MAS program at ETH Zürich, Taha gained more than 5 years of professional experience working in Architecture and design firms in Stuttgart, Amman and Dubai. During that time, he worked on several projects that vary in sector, typology, scale and location.

After completing his thesis entitled "Robotic AeroCrete", Taha joined Gramazio Kohler Research as part of the concrete cluster, continuing his thesis and collaborating on Mesh Mould and Eggshell research projects.

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