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MAS 2018 / 19


Noor Khader and Aya Shaker Ali. Photo credits: Julius Hatt.

Frame Moebel is a creative class that explores the possibilities of space frames in furniture design. Over the course of three weeks, students team up in groups of two to develop form finding algorithms for space-frame table designs and explore parametrically the formal and aesthetic possibilities of additive manufactured joints.

Some areas of exploration include super lightweight structures, material gradients, structural gradients for flexible forms, hyper-redundant mesh structures, spring models and machine learning. Prototyping of full scale nodes took place in 3d printers, which were assembled by the students.

By the end of the course each team fabricated a full scale model of their table design, showcasing a variety of possible forms and geometrical ingenuity in the design of the connections.


Noor Khader and Aya Shaker Ali. Photo credits: Julius Hatt.


Jonas van den Bulcke and Yoana Taseva. Photo credits: Julius Hatt.


Nicolas Feihl and Yuta Akizuki. Photo credits: Julius Hatt.

table for 3fotos mesabyncorrected_15.JPG

Sofia Michopoulou, Keerthana Udaykumar and Nik Eftekhar Olivo.

Photo credits left:Julius Hatt Right: Nik Eftekhar Olivo.


Eleni Skevaki and Wenqian Yang. Photo credits Julius Hatt


Rahul Girish and Antonio Barney. Photo credits Julius Hatt


Chaoyu Du and Ying-Shiuan Chen. Photo credits Julius Hatt

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